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25 McKenzie Crescent, Red Deer County, AB T4S 2H4
403 347 9375

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Mudders Wash Why Choose Us Brochure

Our digital copy of our especially relevant physical Mudders Wash brochure. That is to say, clicking this pamphlet will provide you with a PDF that shows you about us.

Mudders Wash Detail Services Brochure

Our Vehicle Detailing Services provide you with a spotless clean, completed by a professional. By the way, you can customize your wash from our list of options and specialty products so you decide how clean you want your vehicle. With this in mind, we provide pick up and drop off service for Red Deer and area, Penhold, Springbrook, Blackfalds, Innisfail, and Lacombe for your convenience. We also have free coffee and Wi-Fi while you wait… You can even wash your pet in our Pet Wash while we wash your vehicle. Call and book an appointment in advance, please. 403-347-9375 Our Detail Services are available from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. We also provide Detailing products in our convenience store. Furthermore, once your vehicle arrives, the detail will be completed within a few hours. Now, at this point, your detail has been completed, at this time you can either choose to come pick up your vehicle, have it delivered to you, or have us come get you.

Fleet Accounts

Prepaid Fleet Cards
We literally give you %20 back with our prepaid fleet cards! No you didn't steal that extra money, it just feels the same. Only at Mudders Wash!

10 Car Detail Bays

Detail Wash Stations
First of All. When you drive your vehicle into Mudders Wash there are no Pre or Postpaid charges. That means you are parking your car in our bays for free! You have all the time in the world to get ready for your wash, and all the time in the world after your wash to do whatever you need, which will help you spend much less. Additionally, we have 10 spacious bays for all of your detailing needs.

R.V. / Semi Bays

Our Two 26 x 110 ft. R.V / Semi - Bays make sure that even the biggest rides can get their shine on in addition to all the services provided. To illustrate, we can fit Super B's, indeed we can guarantee you will fit into our bays. More importantly, you can get your vehicle as clean as you need.

Fusion X Hybrid Automatic Wash

In our Hybrid Automatic Wash, you can choose between 8 different options. Soft Touch or Touchless Within those 2 options you can then choose from: • Elite Wash • Ultimate Wash • Deluxe Wash • Standard Wash So while you're in the comfort of your own vehicle, you can trust that the Mudders Wash Fusion X will get your vehicle shining.

Mudders Wash Recycling Technology

Red Deer, AB might easily be called a truck town. Located midway between Alberta’s two largest cities, Mudders Wash is positioned adjacent the Queen Elizabeth Highway serving Edmonton and Calgary. What's more, Red Deer is a growing community with a city population of more than 100,000 residents, and numerous major supply companies serving the agricultural and oilfield industries. Moreover, Mudders Wash is designed to wash big trucks, as well as light trucks and cars. After reviewing popular types of buildings commonly used for vehicle wash buildings, Mudders chose a rigid polymer concrete framework for their building. This revolutionary wall forming system is especially well suited to stand up to the unique challenges of a vehicle wash building whereas other designs might not see fit. Self-serve bays and many other areas of this type of facility are subject to a great deal of abuse on a daily basis, which typically means high-maintenance costs. The high-performance ceiling and wall paneling systems are sturdy and virtually maintenance-free. Mudders Wash offers 10 spacious self-serve bays, 2 big rig bays with elevated platforms, and 1 auto wash for cars and light trucks. In addition, 2 personal showers, a laundry room, a pet wash, and a concession and waiting area round out the amenities at the Mudders Wash facility. While hidden from view, customers will be comforted to know that the Mudders Wash facility is fitted with the latest environmentally compliant water recycling tec
25 McKenzie Crescent, Red Deer County, AB T4S 2H4
403 347 9375

Vehicle Detailing Services

Our Vehicle Detailing Services provide you with a spotless clean, completed by a professional, furthermore, you can customize your wash from our list of options and specialty products in addition to our services so you decide how clean you want your vehicle. We provide pick up and drop off service for Red Deer and area, Penhold, Springbrook, Blackfalds, Innisfail, and Lacombe for your convenience. We also have free coffee and Wi-Fi while you wait…

You Deserve a Bonus!

You Deserve a Bonus
Mudders Car Wash offers huge bonuses when you purchase a reloadable wash card! As a result, you save money while you wash, or anything else in the store and all wash bays, since these bonuses, are redeemable on anything in Mudders Wash.

Additional Services

In addition to our main services, furthermore, we have additional services. So while you are drying off your semi, you can have a shower if you need. We also have a coin-operated laundry service, and a convenience store with free coffee.

Pet Wash

At Mudders Car Wash, Our animal-friendly pet wash makes it easy to give your pet a gentle bath. We provide all the hypoallergenic materials you might need. Such as shampoo and conditioner, as well as towels, smocks, a gentle air dryer, and adjustable temperature and pressures too!

Mudders Wash Gift Cards

Receive up to a %15 bonus when you purchase a Mudders Wash Gift Card! By the way, our gift cards make perfect holiday gifts! We give you even more on top of what you spend! To be brief, the $100 card giving you $115 is basically getting a free wash. Absolutley.

No Pre or Post Paid Charges at Mudders Wash

In comparison to most car washes. We don't start charging you money as soon as you pull into our wash bays. Considering this, we only charge for wash equipment. This will help you spend much less money to tell the truth.

Ask us about our Fundraising opportunities.

Mudders Car Wash Fundraising Opportunities.

Thanks! Come Again!

Indeed, at Mudders Wash we strive for excellence. As a matter of fact, we clean our wash bays after every customer use. Additionally, we focus our attention on detail, considering this, our diligent attention to detail is important to us. That is, a cleanly area makes life easier for everyone. For instance, when you pull in, would you prefer a spotless wash bay or a dirty one?  Subsequently, it is much more pleasing to pull into a clean wash where you intend to wash your vehicle.  In the same way, it makes life easier for us too!

We continuously keep our facility clean. As soon as you leave, a bay attendant washes the bay that you left, in fact, we clean our sump drains 1 – 2 times per day, granted that we are able, if we aren’t too busy. We always clean them at the end of each day, mandatorily in fact.

On the other hand, we de-ice around out entire building during winter time, remove the snow on our lots and our driveways and sidewalks; we keep all the driving paths inside clean too. Our facility is fitted with 7 fire hoses. If a customer wishes to use one, feel free to ask us. Nevertheless, as previously stated, cleanliness is our focus and we dedicate ourselves to the excellence that comes with it.

Kylie Said...

"Got my dads truck detailed there so it could be sold. Great price and great service!"

Joshua Reflects...

"I Love it! Mudders wash has lots of room in the wand bay for the larger pick up trucks to turn and pull in and out of the stalls. The foam cannon is the best part I will always use them from now on."

Adam Adds...

"Mudders Wash is awesome. The best car wash in town and the owners are really great people who pride themselves on great customer service. They even have a pet wash station, RV and Semi bays, and shower and laundry facilities! Plus, I was talking to the owners and they have fundraising programs that allow your sports group, church, charity, or other non-profit to earn some funds. Their employees even walk you through the wash process because they have so many options. Really great customer service."

Jason Justifies

"Best Car Wash Ever, today was even better then last few visits. I had small issue with Frozen washer fluid today and had a Staff member named Shane help me out and had my problem solved in minutes.
Also let’s not forget the state-of-the-art technology makes your ride spotless. 👍🏼👍🏼"

Matt Mentioned....

"For $13 I got my old muddy truck washed an d I'm impressed with the outcome. Friendly people eager to help you in anyway. Needless to say I thought you guys deserved the decal on my truck and the $30 in rubber on the way out."

Brandi Reviews...

"Friendly service . Explained how everything worked. Love the lay out . And the tri coloured wand was cool. Sparkly truck back on the road."

Mina Notices...

"Love coming here. Staff is more than friendly and eager to help. Love the variety of account options and reloadable cards for business or personal use. Pet wash station is a huge bonus. Not feeling the time pressure when I come here since they only charge for time you are actually cleaning. Overall I d say you should try for yourself!"

MacKenzie Quotes...

“I particularly enjoy Mudders Wash, including all of their services. Considering this, I go there often.  It feels good to wash at Mudders.  Ever since I bought my new vehicle I go there even more, for the simple reason that the customer service is second to none and the technology is advanced. The car wash is designed for cars, trucks, RV’s, Semi Trucks, people, & even animals. With this in mind, the amount of space and free time they give is comforting. To sum it up, Mudders Wash is the only wash that I trust with my vehicle.”

Eric Notes...

"Amazing Facility! Friendly and helpful staff! Very clean and large wand wash bays. Will be back for sure!"

Sutetchi Said...

"I took my nephews with me when i had my dark green 2004 nissan armada washed again. I told them i'm taking them on a place they've never been in red deer before. Kids were amazed how the cleaning process was done, even had the sun roof shade opened so they can see a wide 180deg view. They said it was half going into an amazing fantasy ride with all the light and sound going on and half science learning field trip. We even had take outs from McD and ate while the automated soft touch wash was doing its thing. I knew they've enjoyed the experience as much as my nissan armada enjoyed the wash.

Now only if i could get them kids to shower more often.....😜😰😳😱"

Jason Expresses...

State of the art technology at its best. 
This is the Best Car Wash hands down. 
Also the staff are friendly and helpful if you need help with anything.
Keep up the great shop!! 

Elizabeth Commented...

"Amazing service and the pet wash is the best!! Everything I needed is here and the staff are amazing. Thank you."

Carla Comments...

"Wow just had the most amazing customer experience at Mudders! Thank you Mike and the young man that cleaned my rocker panels and taught us about road grime!"

Linda Mentions...

"This is the best car wash I have ever been to. I love that you aren't charged for the time it takes to drive in. You can even clean out your vehicle and take the mats out without being charged for the time. I actually can't even say enough good things about it. It is so high tech and I couldn't have ever imagined saying that about a car wash. Lol. The vacuum actually works! Not just a little bit. It has awesome suction! There's even a shampoo option on the vacuum. Great job Mudders!"

Connie Comments

"What a great place to wash your car! It is warm and you don't have to rush because the payment method is a box where you wash your car. You can pay by credit card or cash. And the staff members are very helpful and friendly."

Our New Undercarriage Wash Wands!

Our New Undercarriage Wash Wands!

You’ve been asking for a while now, and finally, we present to you, our new undercarriage wash wands. What’s more, it’s simple. No need to get messy trying to clean the underside of your vehicle, evidently, our new wand is shaped in a naturally ergonomic way so that you can comfortably clean your undercarriage, we don’t charge extra for it, for the same reason that our wash is 95 cents per minute. It attaches directly to wash wand hose. Finally, you have found a car wash that you can trust, who can consistently provide innovative technology.

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