RVs & Semi Truck Wash Bays

R.V & Semi Truck Wash

R.V & Semi Truck Wash

R.V. & Semi Truck Wash

Mudders Wash offers a variety of wash options. From tire and engine cleaner to road film protection, and from a foam cannon to sealant and drying agents, we provide everything to keep your vehicle smelling fresh and looking clean. 

Camping and RV Enthusiasts 

RV'ing and camping can leave your rig and toys in need of a deep cleaning. Mudders Wash provides two extra large wash bays with high pressure wash wands to help you get that filth off everything. Make it home clean and happy!

Semis and Large Trucks

Semis and large truck drivers, stop in to Mudders Wash to wash your rig.  We have two extra large wash bays, a variety of wash options, and everything else you need to keep that rig clean. 

Wash Machines & Shower Facilities

At Mudders Wash, we make sure that you can get everything clean before you get home. We offer coin operated wash machines & two shower facilities. We basically ensure that you have everything you need to get cleaned up. 

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Mudders Wash car wash in Red Deer Alberta wash options for RVs and large trucks