Hypoallergenic & Gentle Pet Wash

Hypoallergenic, Gentle & Convenient Pet Wash

We keep our facility clean and sanitize it after every use.

We provide everything you might need to keep your pet fresh and clean.

We even provide a product that can rid of the smell of skunk spray, if your animal happens to decide to try and play with one!


Pet Wash

Mudders Wash Pet Wash

Tired of cleaning up your house after you have given your dog a bath? Bring them to Mudders Wash and give our private pet wash a try. 

Features include;

  • Elevated deep tub with ramps & tethers
  • Complimentary towels
  • Complimentary smock to keep you clean and dry
  • Gentle air dryers
  • Hypoallergenic Tearless Products

All sizes of dogs and includes unlimited time to wash and dry inside the facility. 

Be sure to visit our Convenience Store for free coffee, stickers, and Wi-Fi

You can also get your vehicle detailed for you while you wash your pet(s) if you would like, click on the link to visit our Detail Services Page.

We even provide pick up and drop off services!

Come Get Your Shine On!



Pet Wash