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Gift Cards // You Deserve a Bonus // Purchase a Reloadable Wash Card and receive up to a 20 percent bonus!


Purchase a Gift Card in our Convenience Store for huge deals and bonuses!

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Prepaid Fleet Cards // Purchase a Prepaid Fleet Card of $200 or over and get up to a 20 Percent Bonus!

Save Money with Fleet Car Wash Discounts

Purchase a Prepaid fleet card for $200.00 or more and receive an instant bonus of 20%.

$200 = $240

$300 = $360

$400 = $480

$500 = $600

Your fleet is the face of your business. Mudders Wash helps keep your fleet vehicles looking their best by offering your business discounted rates. With our Fleet Car Wash Discounts You receive a monthly invoice that automatically shows your savings per wash. We specialize in corporate accounts for small, mid, and large sized fleets. Regardless of your fleet size we have a tailored vehicle wash solution for your company. Contact Us today to discuss options for your fleet (403.347.9375). 

Precise Reporting and Invoicing

Our monthly statements and customer log reporting allow you to receive every transaction in detail  and track individual purchases creating the accountability necessary to monitor your fleet and its expenses. RFID tamper-proof tags enhance fleet security.

How it Works

A fleet vehicle drives into the wash bays and our RFID detectors detect the vehicle's RFID chip. Operators clean the vehicle and charge the wash to the fleet's account. A discount is applied to the account and a bill is sent out as per an agreed upon billing cycle. Operators don't need to worry about paying for the wash and submitting receipts. They simply clean the vehicle and go.