10 Car Detail Wash Stations

Detail Wash Stations

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Our 10 Detail Wash Stations provide everything you could ever need to Come Get Your Shine On.

At Mudders Wash there are no Pre or Post paid charges, you only pay for your equipment time.

We use Premium Lustra products in our 10 available bays. Each bay can accommodate up to 3 tonne service vehicles, our canvas curtains are extra tall and long so you know you will have a lot of space. These bays include interior vacuum detailing stations, Tire Fill Stations, Touch Less Foam Cannon, Tri Color Polish, Foam Brush, Interior Detailer and Deodorizer, and Custom product changeover on the Bay Master screen so you can customize your wash however you would like, as well as All Standard Wash Features.

Our 2 large exit doors are for your convenience.

We also provide Professional Detail Services 

“You will not be disappointed by our commitment to your satisfaction.”

10 Car Detail Bays

  • Premium Lustra Products
  • 10 Spacious Bays available
  • Accommodates up to 3 Tonne Service Vehicles
  • Two Exit Doors
  • Pay for Equipment Time Only
  • No Pre or Post Time Charges
  • Interior Vacuum Detailing Stations
  • Tire Fill Station
  • Touchless Foam Cannon
  • Tri-color Polish
  • Interior Detailer and Deodorizer
  • Custom Product Changeover
  • LustraFoam With Carnauba Wax
  • All Standard Wash Features

Come Get Your Shine On


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